U Out will change the way you socialize forever!

U Out is a free app that makes planning social activities easier and more fun. In place of annoying group texting and minus the clutter of typical social media, cialis generic users can very simply plan different types of events… either individuals or convenient, pre-established groups of friends.

U Out also allows pictures taken by attendees to be uploaded to the event with the swipe a finger.  Gone are the days of remembering to text people the next day with memorable pics.

Lastly, on one convenient U Out Events page, you can see your social life at a glance. Whether planning a dinner with friends, getting a group of buddies to do a Tough Mudder, planning a celebration or a bachelor party, a house party to watch your favorite team, or sharing those special occasions with your significant other and closest friends. U Out is the app for you.

Events (Home) Screen

Tap on U Out and find your home screen full of the fun events and activities you have coming up. No more endless group texts to get the details. In one place…find the dates, times, who’s going / who isn’t, directions, and the comments (important ones and funny ones) people are making about the event.

Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, a friend’s surprise 30th, a weekend ski trip, a 5K run, or a house party to watch your favorite team, see your entire social calendar in one place and interact with others also invited to those events.

Create Events

No app anywhere has actually made it more fun and simple to create an event. Invite individual friends or pre-established groups you have created. Post a picture or video to get people psyched for the event. Allow directions to the event to fill in automatically as you type the name or address of the place using google maps. Add comments and even post pictures or video the event album even as you are creating the event. And for those throwing a really big bash, you can even give your guests the chance to extend an invitation to other friends.

View Pictures – When Posted

All photos posted to any event you attended or will attend will be seen immediately as they are posted in this view. In real time, see photos from any of your events posted by friends and family. Gone are the days of chasing people down for pictures taken at an event. You will see them as they post and have cloud access to them forever. And the best part – you can download your favorite pictures taken by others to your own smart phone.

View Pictures – By Event

To see and scroll the entire album of photos posted to an event by you or any of the attendees, use the By Event view. No longer will you miss out on great pictures taken by people at an event you attended. As you scroll the album, download as many of your favorite pictures to your smartphone. Even after the event is long in the past, the photo album for that event will remain accessible to you in the Cloud.

Sam Borseti

Sam Borseti

Founder & VP, Product Development

Sam Borseti is the Founder of U Out and leads all facets of product development for the company. As a college junior and driven entrepreneur, Sam has the rare capacity and determination to lead the launch of a start-up company while completing his academic studies. His vision for the product and his unwavering commitment to secure the funding and technical resources needed to get U Out off the ground have been instrumental in positioning the company for success.

Favorite Motto for Living: “Why not us!”

Guilty Pleasure: Traveling to watch big time college football games.

Brian Peluso

Brian Anthony Peluso

Principal & Chief Brand Officer

Brian has 20+ years of experience making major creative contributions to many Fortune 500 companies. His accomplishments have been made in virtually every facet of the visual communications industry where he has held prominent, influential positions with top-notch organizations. He has employed his brand-building expertise on many nationally recognized campaigns and promotions as well as global initiatives such as working as a creative resource for the Olympic games, Brian is a Principal and Chief Brand Officer for U Out. For the past 10 years, Brian has lead his own private practice design house, working with clients across many commercial sectors, he is highly touted as one of today’s finest creative talents- who possesses a rare combination of hands on creative expertise paired with solid business minded strategy and market awareness. Additionally, he is a founding partner in Blue Flame Industries, a Boston area incubator firm helping start-up companies with every aspect of their early stage success.

Favorite Motto for Living: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Guilty Pleasure: A cruise up the sea coast on my vintage Indian Motorcycle and a fine cigar and aged tequila… when the bike and I are home safely.

Jay Bolton

Jay Bolton

Principal & Chief Operating Officer

Jay Bolton is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Integrated Voice Solutions, a $5M contact center solution firm. A former Nuclear Reactor Supervisor in the United States Navy and at MIT, Jay studied Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University. Jay is also the founder of Blue Flame Industries, a Boston area incubator firm helping start-up companies with every aspect of their early stage success.

Favorite Motto for Living: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Guilty Pleasure: Out on the boat with friends.

Steve Borseti

Steve Borseti

Principal & VP, Business Development

Steve Borseti has 30 years of Executive Sales & Marketing experience, leading major teams and initiatives for multi-national organizations. For the last 15 years, he has lead his own private practice in the sales and leadership development space, coaching companies across a multitude of industries. He has gained a reputation as a trusted advisor to executives at client companies on Sales and Marketing strategy as well as organizational structure.

Favorite Motto for Living: “Lead, follow…or get the hell out of the way.”

Guilty Pleasure: Golf, followed by a good cigar and Bourbon.